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Application and technical parameter description of formaldehyde detector

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The formaldehyde detector is mainly used for real-time monitoring of computer networks in public places, and can be used to alarm or take control measures; it can also be used for real-time monitoring of related workshops in factories, and can help engineers and technicians analyze and predict the volatile content of products , Can also be used as a stand-alone unit for the detection of harmful volatiles in the air in the home.

Indoor formaldehyde detection instruments mainly include six-in-one detectors that can simultaneously detect six indoor pollutant gases (formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, toluene, xylene, TVOC) on-site detection equipment, full touch button design, large-screen LCD display temperature Humidity environment conditions, chip integrated control, gas detection time can be adjusted by electronic control, when the set time is reached, it can automatically stop working, can read the formaldehyde liquid crystal display on the spot, and get accurate formaldehyde results, built-in micro-printer, can directly print the temperature , Humidity, formaldehyde concentration, testing unit, testing date and time, and conclusion of exceeding standard results. At the same time, the storage design of the external sampler box is more portable and lighter. And the operation is simple, the design is reasonable, and the appearance is beautiful. This instrument has passed the National Environmental Protection and Sanitation Research Association measurement test certification, reached the national standard and issued a test qualification report. The scope of application of this instrument: suitable for supervision, monitoring institutions, governance companies, decoration companies, construction companies, workshops, factories and mines, and can also be used for scientific research, teaching, and laboratories. The following National Standards Network gives you a detailed introduction to the use of the formaldehyde detector; (for more quality testing, analytical testing, chemometrics, and reference materials related technical information, please refer to the reference product query of the Central Inspection Institute www.rmhot.com)

How to use formaldehyde detector
1. Start sampling: press the switch (ON-OFF), display ----, flash for three seconds to check the sensor, when you see 0.00 display, it means the instrument is ready for sampling. Sampling: In the atmosphere to be sampled, hold the analyzer, press the original button (sample), display (Run), and hear the internal sampling pump ring for about 2 seconds. Reading: When the instrument is analyzing the sample, you will see 0.00 flash, and the reading will be visible after about 10 seconds. This is the concentration of formaldehyde in ppm. Shutdown: Press the switch (ON-OFF) to shut down. If you forget to shut down, it will automatically shut down after 5 minutes.
  2. The reset stage of the sensor. The reset of the sensor: After a test, it should be shut down for a few minutes to reset the sensor. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration of formaldehyde, the longer it will take to reset. If you start the measurement before the sensor is reset, you will see ----flash, and the sampling pump will not work, when you see 0.00 flash 3 after you turn it on The second sensor has been reset, and then the next measurement can be performed.

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