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Before using the electric mixer

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Maintenance and maintenance of electric mixer
1. Correct use and attention to the maintenance of the instrument to keep it in good working condition can extend the life of the instrument.
2. Disable hard object handling when cleaning the machine to prevent damage to the surface of the machine.
3. Before the machine has been activated for a long time, check whether the functions are normal and then experiment to prevent data deviation.
4. If there is any abnormal situation, you should immediately contact the manufacturer, and you will be responsible for the results caused by unauthorized handling or use of accessories not recommended by the manufacturer.

Before using the electric mixer
1. Place the test solution bottle (or other utensils) correctly
2. Adjust the working depth of the calibration stirring rod in the solution and clamp it.
3. Turn on the power and close the power switch, the indicator light is on.
4. Select the timing and set the timing rotary knob to the "timing" or "normally open" position.
5. The speed regulation should start slowly from low speed to high speed.
6. Put the stirring rod into the container. If it is not uniform during the stirring process, stop it. Use the container to distribute the stirring rod leaves evenly.
7. If the stirring rod is found to rotate incorrectly after starting the machine, please stop the machine and rotate the stirring rod 180 degrees and clamp it.
8. When assembling the machine after unpacking, be sure to tighten the connecting screws (especially the electric furnace)

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