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  • Lhp-250e intelligent constant temperature and humidity incubator

Lhp-250e intelligent constant temperature and humidity incubator

Overview:1、 Product introduction: The structure of the new touch screen constant temperature and humidity incubator is made of high-quality cold plate, the inner tank is made of high-quality mirror stainless steel anti-corrosion material, the overall insulati…


1、 Product introduction:

  The structure of the new touch screen constant temperature and humidity incubator is made of high-quality cold plate, the inner tank is made of high-quality mirror stainless steel anti-corrosion material, the overall insulating glass observation window, the insulation material is polyurethane foam, with good heat preservation, light weight and beautiful overall appearance. The control system adopts microcomputer LCD control and digital display, which is accurate and intuitive, high precision and temperature regulation It is convenient, reliable and easy to observe. The refrigeration system is a high-quality compressor, surrounded by three copper tubes, the refrigeration speed is fast and the noise is low. Two high-quality fans are equipped in the box to force the air to convection and the temperature distribution is more uniform. The purpose of the seed incubator is: it is suitable for the cultivation and preservation of bacteria, mold, microorganism, tissue cells, plant cultivation, breeding test, mycology, mold engineering research; the preservation and test of biological products, drugs, vaccine blood and various specimens; it is the production of genetics, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, aquatic products, etc And scientific research department of the ideal experimental equipment.

Characteristics of constant temperature and humidity incubator;

1. Programming control of intelligent color touch screen

2. It can store 30000 pieces of data

3. Automatic recovery function after power failure

4. Powerful internal storage

5. Display the time when the temperature and humidity coincide

6. With 485 and UBS interface and remote connection function

2、 Technical parameters:

1. Effective volume: 250 L

2. Temperature control range: 0-60 ℃ temperature control mode: intelligent color touch screen microcomputer program control

3. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5

4. Temperature fluctuation: ± 0.1

5. Heating power: 600W

6. Power supply voltage: 220V50Hz

7. Working size: 520x440x1130mm

8. Each instrument is equipped with 4 pallets

9. Cooling power: 330W

10. Humidity range: 40-95%

11. Humidity accuracy: ± 3-5 ℃

12. Humidity control mode: color touch screen microcomputer automatic humidity control

3、 Instructions for use:

1. Turn on the power, close the power switch, the whole machine is powered on, and the power indicator in the switch is on.

2. Please refer to the manual of intelligent digital temperature controller for temperature control setting. Keep dry and ventilated. All switches on the front panel should be in non working state. The experimental samples placed in the incubator should be kept at a proper distance. It is conducive to the convective circulation of cold and hot air. Turn on the power supply, turn on the switch, and the indicator light will be on; if the cultivation temperature is selected and humidity is required, turn on the humidity switch.

3. If lighting is needed, turn on the lighting switch and set the temperature. Press the set key, and the data in the lower row will flash, which means entering the setting state. Press the arrow down key and the set value will decrease. After pressing the set key to the required setting temperature, it means that the working state is entered. The temperature setting is completed and the setting value is increased. Pressing the arrow up key is the same. [see the instrument operation manual for detailed operation instructions]

4. The incubator has a power-off protection function and a minute and a half delay function. The compressor will start again for about one minute after shutdown.

4、 Maintenance of incubator:

1. The shell of incubator should be grounded reliably

2. The incubator should be placed in a cool, dry, well ventilated place away from heat sources and sunlight, and placed stably to prevent vibration and noise.

3. In order to ensure the effective heat dissipation of the condenser, the distance between the condenser and the wall should be greater than 10 cm, the side of the box should have a space of 5 cm, and the top of the box should have a space of 30 cm.

4. The incubator should avoid collision, shaking and vibration during handling, repair and maintenance, and the maximum gradient should be less than 45 degrees.

5. If the instrument doesn't work suddenly, please check whether the fuse (behind the box) is burnt out and check the power supply.

Hotline: technical department: 0519-82301086 82321286 18015805398


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