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Electronic analytical balance

  • Quartz cuvette Glass cuvette

    Sketch:721, 751 series glass and quartz cuvettes There are 2 and 4 quartz cuvettes in a box, 10MM, 20MM, 300MM optical path and other specifications, sold in boxes【Introduction】:The cuvette (also known as the absorption cell, sample cell) is used to hold t…

  • Hemagglutination plate,

    Sketch:Hemagglutination plate, "U" and "V" 96-well hemagglutination plateRunhua 96-well V-type blood coagulation plate (for use with micro oscillator)Single can be reused, not disposable blood clotting plate. There is a standard scale on …

  • High quality stainless steel fixing fixture

    Sketch:High quality stainless steel fixing fixtureChangzhou Runhua Electric Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various experimental instruments and instrument accessories.Welcome to call: 0519-82305398 The price is negotiable

  • PTFE stir bar, stainless steel stir bar PTFE stir bar

    Sketch:Features of tetrafluoroethylene stirring rod:It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, various corrosion resistance, no deformation and good sealing performance. Double blades move freely: The double blades of the tetrafluoroethylene …

  • Electric mixer chuck, steel chuck

    Sketch:There are five types of copper chucks: 1: 66 (up 6mm and lower 6mm) 2: 86 (upper 8mm, lower 6mm) 40w-100w electric mixer 3: 87 (upper 8mm and lower 7mm) special for PTFE stirring paddle 4: 88 (upper 8mm, lower 8mm) suitable for 120W-16…

  • Cross connector metal cross chuck

    Sketch:1. Introduction:Cross connector Metal cross chuck series Metal cross connector (chuck) is used with electric stirrer, thermostatic magnetic stirrer, etc.2. How to use:Loosen both ends of the copper chuck to a certain position and then tighten it.Chang…

  • KH series ultrasonic cleaner

    Sketch:【basic introduction】The main features of Runhua KH series ultrasonic cleaners: digital memory and set time, digital display memory and set heating temperature and actual temperature, the inner and outer shell of the instrument are made of high-quali…

  • Precision electronic analytical balance

    Sketch:【Detailed description】 BrandRunhua Types ofElectronic balance instrumentMinimum weighing1(mg)Maximum weighing210gScope of applicationLaboratory Chemical Unit Textile CollegeMinimum display value0.001 JA series electronic precision balanceJA ser…


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