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Detector series

  • Phs-3c digital pH meter

    Sketch:1、 Introduction of phs-3c digital pH meter Phs-3c digital pH meter is an instrument for measuring pH of solution. It can also measure electrode potential value (MV). The setting and measurement of various parameters can be switched with selection swi…

  • Xk97-a colony counter

    Sketch:Xk97-a colony counter Xk97-a colony counter is a digital display semi-automatic bacterial counter. It consists of counting pool, counting pen, counter and digital display. The instrument is easy to operate and accurate in counting. It is widely used i…

  • Pn3500-ch20 portable formaldehyde detector gas analyzer

    Sketch:Pn3500-ch20 portable formaldehyde detector gas analyzer Its main characteristics are that the built-in micro air pump can actively absorb the surrounding air for measurement, with fast response, and is mostly used in confined space and under the condi…

  • Stc200 sampler host

    Sketch:1、 Introduction It is a kind of manual sampling tool for manual collection of sludge / sludge in river and sludge in chemical sewage tank. It is mainly used in environmental protection, sanitation and epidemic prevention, tap water, chemical industry…


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