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Use and maintenance of speed-adjustable multi-purpose oscillator

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The speed-adjustable multi-purpose oscillator is a biochemical instrument for culturing and preparing biological samples. It is an indispensable experimental equipment in scientific research, education and production departments such as plants, biology, microorganisms, biological products, genetics, viruses, medicine, and environmental protection.
Instructions for speed multi-purpose oscillator:
 1. It can be used at medium speed within the speed range to extend the service life of the instrument.
2. Select the timing and set the timing knob to the "timing" or "normally open" position.
3. The instrument should be placed on a firm workbench, the environment should be clean and tidy, with moderate temperature and good ventilation.
4. Install the culture test bottle. In order to make the instrument work with good balance performance and avoid large vibration, all test bottles should be filled up when bottling, and the culture solution of each bottle should be approximately equal. If there are not enough culture bottles, the test bottles can be placed symmetrically or packed. Test bottles filled with other equivalent solutions are filled with vacancies.
5. Turn on the external power supply, place the power switch in the "on" position, and the indicator light is on. Slowly adjust the speed control knob to increase to the desired speed.
6. Before using the instrument, set the speed control knob to the smallest position.
7. Before each shutdown, you must set the speed control knob to the minimum position, then set the timer to "zero", turn off the power switch, and cut off the power.
Maintenance of multi-purpose frequency oscillator:
1. Use the instrument correctly to keep it in good working condition and extend the service life of the instrument.
2. Regular inspection: check whether there are water droplets, dirt, etc. falling on the electromechanical and control components; check the fuses, control components and fastening screws.
3. Regularly add grease once, the filling amount is about 1/3 of the bearing space.
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