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  • TY-80B Decoloring Shaker

TY-80B Decoloring Shaker

Overview:1. Introduction to Decoloring ShakerTY-80 decoloring shaker is a swing working mode with stepless speed regulation. This instrument can be used in any experiment where the sample needs to be shaken in the solution.Used for fixing the separation band o…


1. Introduction to Decoloring Shaker
TY-80 decoloring shaker is a swing working mode with stepless speed regulation. This instrument can be used in any experiment where the sample needs to be shaken in the solution.
Used for fixing the separation band of electrophoresis gel, shaking and shaking during Coomassie blue staining and decoloring, fixing, staining, and developing of silver nitrate staining, developing and fixing of X-ray film in autoradiography experiment, after electrophoresis transfer Further processing of cellulose membrane, antigen-antibody reaction and staining, molecular hybrid cell culture

2. Technical parameters of decoloring shaker
Swing radius: 20mm
Shaking frequency: 0-260 rpm
Power supply: 220V 50Hz
Workbench area: 300x250mm
Motor power: 60W

3. How to use the decoloring shaker
Place the instrument on a stable working interface and gently press it down. There are four suction cups at the bottom of the instrument that will automatically suck the table. If you move the working position of the instrument, you must pull up the suction cups one by one before moving. Turn on the power supply (220V 50Hz), set the power switch to the "NO" position, and the indicator light is on. Adjust the "speed adjustment" knob and select the appropriate shaking frequency to work. Unplug the plug after the experiment to ensure safety.

4. Matters needing attention
Please store the instrument in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive place. Do not stack heavy objects on the work surface or overflow of the test solution

About instrument customization and reservation:
Customers who need customized instruments must have written specific technical parameters and faxed requirements to the company, and the two parties have reached an agreement. After mutual signature and approval, our company can produce and customized instruments must pay a 60% deposit in advance. Due to the particularity of the instrument : It is necessary to carry out necessary parameter and function testing before leaving the factory. Only the successfully tested instruments can be shipped to you, so this part of the instrument needs to have a delivery date, such as late delivery or out of stock, etc., delayed for 2-3 days beg to be excused.

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