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  • GF-1 High Speed Disperser

GF-1 High Speed Disperser

Overview:High-speed disperserGF-1 high-speed disperser (internal homogenizer) has a high-strength crushing effect. It can crush and homogenize various animal and plant tissues. At different speeds, different cell membranes can be broken. Especially it is more …

High-speed disperser
GF-1 high-speed disperser (internal homogenizer) has a high-strength crushing effect. It can crush and homogenize various animal and plant tissues. At different speeds, different cell membranes can be broken. Especially it is more suitable for the analysis and analysis of small amounts of internal organs and muscles of plants and animal tissues with strong fibers. Efficient dispersion and emulsification between the two liquids that are incompatible with the organic phase and the water phase. Extraction of trace organic compounds, fat-soluble substances, organic lysozymes, and soluble substances in water. This instrument is particularly suitable for fields such as biochemistry, bioengineering, cells, plants, animals, cosmetics, Chinese patent medicines, etc.
Time-controlled, speed-regulating high-speed disperser GF-1 type (internal cutting homogenizer)

Power: 220V Power: 360W
Speed regulation: 2800-28000 rpm/min stepless speed regulation
Timing: 5S-continuous 9 levels
Dimensions: 320×220×430mm
Runhua series high-speed dispersion homogenizer:
Reasonable design, novel structure, high-quality high-speed motor, internal cutting tool, stepless speed change, equipped with a voltage stabilizing system, stable speed display, high power, low noise, and safe operation. It is used by universities, universities and research institutes. , Chemical and other laboratories, stirring various liquid phase chemical reactions provide an indispensable basic equipment.

The adjustable high-speed disperser is an innovation on the basis of the FS-1 type. In addition to the function of the type 1, it uses a high-speed thyristor adjustment system, and the photoelectric speed measurement adopts advanced electronic circuits and digital display. Provide a reliable basis for the research results, the panel display is clear, the reading is intuitive and easy to use.
Mainly used for homogenization of animal and plant tissues and cell dispersion. At present, it has been widely used in the country and has become an essential instrument for biochemical research, animal and plant cell research, agriculture, animal husbandry, petroleum industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, and food industry.

About instrument customization and reservation:
Customers who need customized instruments must have written specific technical parameters and faxed copies of requirements to the company, and the two parties have reached an agreement. After mutual signature and approval, our company can produce and customized instruments must pay a 60% deposit in advance. Due to the particularity of the instrument :Need to carry out necessary parameter and function tests before leaving the factory. Only the successfully tested instruments can be shipped to you. Therefore, this part of the instruments needs to have a delivery date, such as late delivery or out of stock, etc., delayed for 2-3 days beg to be excused

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Changzhou Runhua Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Specializing in: research and development, production, sales and service of teaching laboratory equipment, medical and health equipment, petrochemical equipment, microbial cultivation equipment, and biochemical pharmaceutical equipment. The products sell well in universities, institutes of biological products, hospitals, epidemic prevention, petrochemical, environmental testing and other scientific research institutions, and are exported in large quantities. The company adheres to the spirit of technological innovation, honesty and pragmatism, abides by its promises, and bases itself on the market with brand, quality, reputation and service. Runhua has always insisted: quality first, customer first. Always meet the needs of users as the purpose, continue to be user-oriented, continue to develop new generation products, strive to create value for customers, and serve customers wholeheartedly.

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