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  • Rh-9070a constant temperature blast drying oven

Rh-9070a constant temperature blast drying oven

Overview:Rh-9070a constant temperature blast drying ovenProcessing customization yes brandRunhua modelDHG-9070AtypeDrying boxtexture of materialHigh quality platetemperature range+10-250(℃)power1000W…

Rh-9070a constant temperature blast drying oven
Processing customization  yes                                 brand Runhua                             model DHG-9070A
type Drying box texture of material High quality plate temperature range +10-250(℃)
power 1000W Studio size 350*450*450(mm) weight 55(kg)
Scope of application Medical and health, petrochemical industry, teaching experiment Temperature fluctuation ±0.1 Product use Constant temperature drying

Dhg-9070a electrothermal blast drying oven product overview:

This drying oven is a high-end product in the drying oven industry. Its performance, workmanship and materials are comparable to those outside the United States. It is widely used in high-end experimental industry of various departments.

Box material: the outside of the box is welded with high-quality steel plate, and the inner tank is made of mirror stainless steel. The four corners are arc shaped, easy to clean, novel, beautiful and energy-saving.

Insulation system: the first insulation structure with high performance in China. There are inner cavity, inner shell, ultra-fine glass fiber and air interlayer from the inside to the outside, and the heat loss of the inner tank is less. The unique mechanism of the inner tank, outer box and door liner greatly reduces the external heat transfer of the inner chamber. Due to the excellent heat preservation performance, the power consumption is effectively reduced and the heating time is increased, thus achieving real energy saving.

Control system: the microcomputer PID temperature controller with temperature control protection and digital display is adopted. The display value is clear and intuitive with double screen high brightness and wide window. Microcomputer intelligent control, after setting the temperature, the instrument automatically controls the heating power, and displays the heating state. The temperature control is accurate and stable. It can adjust the power automatically and solve the problem of temperature overshoot. It has timing function, and the timing can be as long as 9999 minutes. Temperature control is accurate and reliable.

Hot air circulation system: the hot air circulation system is composed of low noise, high temperature resistant motor and advanced air duct to ensure the temperature uniformity and small fluctuation in the working room.

Safety system: independent temperature limit alarm system, which automatically interrupts when the temperature exceeds the limit, so as to ensure the safe operation of the experiment without accidents.


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