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  • Intelligent temperature control of sx2-4-10 digital display for box type resistance furnace

Intelligent temperature control of sx2-4-10 digital display for box type resistance furnace

Overview:Intelligent temperature control of sx2-4-10 digital display for box type resistance furnace Power: 4000 (W)Model: SX2Rated temperature: 1200 (℃)Maximum voltage: 380 (V)Brand: RunhuaMain uses: medical treatment, chemical industry, environmental protec…

Intelligent temperature control of sx2-4-10 digital display for box type resistance furnace

Power: 4000 (W)
Model: SX2
Rated temperature: 1200 (℃)
Maximum voltage: 380 (V)
Brand: Runhua
Main uses: medical treatment, chemical industry, environmental protection, etc
Processing customization: Yes

Sx2-4-10 box type resistance furnace

model          Working dimensions      Voltage (V)            Power (kw)               Rated temperature (℃)      

SX2-2.5-10      200×120×80             220                      2.5                          1000

SX2-4-10         300×200×120           220                        4                           1000

SX2-8-10         400×250×160           380                        8                           1000

SX2-12-10       500×300×200           380                       12                           1000

SX2-2.5-12      200×120×80             220                      2.5                           1200

SX2-5-12         300×200×120           220                        5                           1200

SX2-10-12       400×250×160           380                       10                           1200

SX2-4-13         250×150×100           220                        4                           1300  

SX2-5-13         250×150×100           220                        5                           1300

SX2-8-13         500×200×180           380                        8                           1300


Note: energy saving products can be equipped with digital display temperature control, plus 200 yuan.


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