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  • HJ-5Multi function agitator

HJ-5Multi function agitator

Overview:characteristic: The instrument adopts permanent magnet brushless DC motor and has the function of independent magnetic stirring and electric stirring. The speed is stable, noiseless and continuously adjustable. The stirrer and stirrer have corrosion r…



  The instrument adopts permanent magnet brushless DC motor and has the function of independent magnetic stirring and electric stirring. The speed is stable, noiseless and continuously adjustable. The stirrer and stirrer have corrosion resistance. With constant temperature heating device, the temperature can be selected according to the working requirements. The instrument is simple to operate and convenient to work. It is a regular and necessary product for universities, scientific research institutions and laboratories.


usage method:

1. Install the random accessories, tighten the main support rod with diameter of 16, support each plug-in of the motor, and insert them according to the position.

2. Plug in the power supply, turn on the switch, and select magnetic stirrer or electric mixer according to the working requirements, and the speed will gradually increase from slow to fast.

3. When selecting the temperature, put the temperature sensor rod into the liquid. The upper row of the display is the actual temperature of the container, and the lower row is the selected (or preset) test temperature. To this end, press the bottom right foot o to indicate the three digit character in the lower row, and the number of the most right digit is constantly flashing. Press + to increase, press to decrease to set the temperature to be tested, and then press o to make the temperature control device of the instrument digital display enter the working state, However, it must be noted that the set temperature must be high enough for the heater to heat up. At the same time, the red light will be on when heating, and the constant temperature state will be implemented when the set temperature is reached.


matters needing attention:

1. The power socket should have reliable grounding wire for safety.

2. Heating can not be empty burning, so as not to burn the heating plate.

3. Adjust the temperature to no pad when heating is not needed.

4. Do not fill up the liquid too much in order to prevent it from seeping into the instrument and damaging the original device or being damaged.

5. After work, turn off the power supply, turn off the temperature control and electric switch, plug in the instrument and place it in a ventilated and dry place.


Model: hj-5
Magnetic starting: 0-2400 rpm; electric starting: 0-3000 rpm
Temperature control range: room temperature: - 100 ℃
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃
Working face diameter: 125mm
Magnetic power: 35W
Electric power: 40W
Mixing capacity: 50-5000ml
Heating power: 200W

About instrument customization and Reservation:
  Customers who need customized instruments should have specific technical parameters and requirements in writing and fax them to the company. After both parties reach a consensus, we can only produce the customized instruments. We must prepay 60% of the deposit for the customized instruments. Due to the particularity of the instruments, we need to carry out the necessary parameter and function test before leaving the factory. Only the instruments that have been tested successfully can be delivered to you We are sorry for the delay of 2-3 days due to late delivery or shortage.


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