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  • 99-1 high power agitator

99-1 high power agitator

Overview:99-1 magnetic heating agitator The magnetic stirrer is easy to operate, stepless speed regulation, can accurately and stably stir liquid solution in a wide range of speed, especially suitable for the test of small volume samples. Magnetic stirrers can…


99-1 magnetic heating agitator

  The magnetic stirrer is easy to operate, stepless speed regulation, can accurately and stably stir liquid solution in a wide range of speed, especially suitable for the test of small volume samples. Magnetic stirrers can be divided into three types: non heating type, heating type and constant temperature type. Some models add bidirectional and multi head stirring function. It is a necessary and ideal tool for modern petroleum, chemical industry, medicine and health, environmental protection, biochemistry, experimental analysis, education and scientific research.

99-1 Powerful AMagnetism Heating Mixer

Type No.

Working Style

Temperature Contrd Range (℃)

Heating Power (W)

Speed Adjusting Range (rpm)

Working Size (cm)

Outside Size (cm)

99-1 heating   600 0~2600 300×300 34×30×19


1、 Features and applications of magnetic heating agitator:
  The magnetic heating agitator adopts high quality DC motor with low noise and stable speed regulation. The fully enclosed heating plate can be used for auxiliary heating. The agitator made of PTFE and high quality magnetic steel has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and strong magnetism. It can be mixed in a closed container, which is ideal and convenient to use. It is widely used in Colleges and universities, environmental protection, scientific research, health, epidemic prevention, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, medical and other units. It is an ideal and necessary tool for laboratory laboratory laboratory personnel.

2、 Technical parameters of magnetic heating agitator:
Power supply: 220 V ± 10%

Stirring speed: start-up - 2600r / min, stepless speed regulation

Heating power: 600W

Tray size: ¢ 125 (mm)

3、 Usage of magnetic heating agitator:
  When using the instrument, first check whether the accessories are complete, and then install the fixture in order; put the beaker containing water solution to be stirred in the center of chromium plating plate, and put the stirrer in the beaker containing water solution; then plug in the power plug of the instrument, then turn on the power supply, turn on the power speed control switch, and the indicator light is on, and then start to work; then select what you need The speed is gradually adjusted from low speed to high speed. It is not allowed to start the high speed gear directly, so as to prevent the agitator from being out of sync and causing jumping. Heating is not allowed when mixing, and the power supply should be cut off when it is not working. The instrument should be kept clean and dry, and no water solution is allowed to enter the machine

4、 Precautions for magnetic heating agitator:
(1) When stirring, check whether the beaker is beating smoothly.

(2) Medium speed operation can prolong service life.

(3) Please connect the ground wire when using.

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