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Constant temperature water tank

Overview:1、 Structural features: The shell of the constant temperature water tank is made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet by high-temperature spraying. The inner tank and upper cover are made of high-quality thickened 304 stainless steel liner. The heating …


1、 Structural features:

  The shell of the constant temperature water tank is made of high-quality cold-rolled sheet by high-temperature spraying. The inner tank and upper cover are made of high-quality thickened 304 stainless steel liner. The heating mode is U-type immersion heating tube. The temperature control adopts digital LED display, and the reading is intuitive and accurate. It can be adjusted and used according to the experimental temperature requirements within the experimental range.

2、 Instrument parameters:

1. Heating power (kw) 30
2. Working volume (mm) 1500 * 900 * 650
3. Working power supply (V) 380V, 50Hz
4. Constant temperature range (℃) room temperature - 100 ℃
5. Overall dimension (mm) 1690 * 970 * 760
6. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
7. With drain valve: outlet size 1 split


3、 Usage:

1. When using, water must be added into the pot first, and then the power supply is connected. To set the temperature, press the set key to enter the temperature setting mode to set or view the set value. Press the set key to see the number flashing. In the setting mode, press the up button to increase the setting value and the down button to decrease the setting value. If you keep pressing the button, it will increase or decrease to the value you need. After setting, press the set button again to exit the setting mode and return to the normal working measurement mode.

Please note: the following parameters have been adjusted by our company technically. There are no special requirements. Try not to change the parameters that have been set before delivery, so as to avoid other faults. Thank you.

2. Adjust parameter SC: press the set key for 3 seconds and enter the internal parameter setting adjustment interface. The interface shows that SC is the error calibration value, indicating the error between the measured value and the actual value of the temperature controller. The default value is 0.0. You can press the set key again to display the flashing number to enter the adjustment state (the following parameter setting method is the same), and press the up or down button to adjust the value. (-9.9~9.0)

3. E: after setting, press set to enter the next parameter adjustment. The interface shows that e represents the advance of breakpoint control (only effective when p value is set to 0), and the default value is 0.5. The adjustment method is the same as SC.


4. P: press the set key again to enter the third parameter. The interface shows that P represents the setting of P value, and the meaning of P value is roughly the starting control temperature = set value - (10 / P value). If it is set to 50 degrees, when p is 10, it means that 49 degrees begin to control; when p is 4, it means that adjustment begins at 47.5 degrees. If the temperature overshoot is too large, adjust the p value appropriately. If the temperature rises too slowly or the control temperature is not reached, adjust the p value appropriately.

5. Note: when p value is 0, the breakpoint control mode is entered. That is, the system PID fails. When the temperature is lower than (set value - E value)  , it will start heating, otherwise it will stop heating.

6. C: press the set key again to enter the setting of parameter C. the parameter is reserved in the system temporarily. Please do not adjust it. The default value is 20.0. After setting all parameters, press set key to return to normal working state. Do not add too much water in the pot, so as to avoid water overflowing out of the boiler when boiling. Pay attention to that the water in the pot can not make the electric heating pipe out of the water surface, so as to avoid burning the electric heating pipe and causing water leakage.

4、 Precautions:

  This instrument adopts three pin safety plug. Please use the safe three hole socket and properly grounded. Since the water temperature of the water tank is relatively high when heating, when you need to use a thermometer to measure, you must wait until the water temperature is stable. There is a stainless steel metal sensor in the middle of the heating pipe. Do not collide and move it to avoid temperature control failure.


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